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5 Instances when you Must Call a Plumber

At times, some plumbing issues are minor and can be fixed with a DIY approach easily. However, there are those issues that cannot be taken for minor nuisances and will require attention quickly before they turn into full-blown disasters. We take a look at some of the common instances when you will need plumbing services as a matter of urgency.

1.    A sudden low water pressure

This could be an indicator of a plumbing system gone wrong and when it happens, seek plumbing services ASAP. At times though, the cause of reduced pressure might be from the main water supply system, in which case you could verify if the neighbors are experiencing the same. If not, then maybe it could be a water build-up on showers and faucets which you can easily fix by cleaning. However, if all these are not the problems, then maybe there is a leak somewhere that is causing water loss and low pressure. Call a plumber to determine this immediately.

2.    A leak from the water heater

If you notice puddles of water around your water heater, know its time to seek professional help. That leak could be caused by a crack in the internal tank and can spell disaster if left unchecked. Water heaters have a short lifespan so proper maintenance must take precedence at all times.

3.    Dripping Faucets

While it might be passed as a small issue, a leaking faucet might force you to incur unnecessary expenses in repairs if left unchecked. The washer mechanism might be undergoing wear and tear or maybe a bigger problem with broken valves due to high water pressure. Calling in local plumbing services will help you decipher the root cause and save you money.

4.    Toilet overflows and drainages

Toilets and drains will occasionally clog as a result of flushing in an inappropriate solid material. A plunger or chemical drain cleaner might not be enough to unclog your clogged toilet. Calling in a plumber will mean better tools that will enable them to unclog your pipes quickly. If the problem has been persistent, it might mean that the pipes have been damaged, and a professional will fix this.

5.    Lack of hot water

It might have been as a result of a leak on the wall or a malfunctioning water heater. You will need a plumber to determine this, especially in winter seasons, as water pipes tend to get frozen.

Seeking the services of a professional plumber will help you solve these common plumbing anomalies and in effect save you both time and money.

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