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Has Your Pool Pump Lost Its Prime?

At the centre of any pool system is a pool pump. The pump keeps pool water moving so as to ensure the water is clean and safe for swimming, but it also makes the water crystal clear for aesthetic purposes. Despite being turned on, pool pumps sometimes fail to circulate water because air has gotten into the pump. When this happens, a pool pump is said to have lost its prime and will need to be primed so it can work properly again.

Here is a look at some common reasons why your pool pump may lose its prime and possible ways to remedy each problem.

Low water levels in the pool.

When water level is not sufficient to cover the skimmer opening, there would be little or no water flowing through the pool circulation system. This may cause the pump to draw air instead of water into the circulation system, in turn, leading to pump malfunction. To prevent this problem, ensure the water in your pool is at the right level at all times.

Problems with the skimmer.

Over time, the skimmer, which draws water into the pool pump system with a skimming action, may get clogged with dirt and debris. Furthermore, skimmer weirs, which are designed to regulate the amount of water that goes into the skimmer, may also become clogged with excess debris. This may reduce the amount of water flowing through the system. Consequently, this may cause the pool pump to fail priming. It is important to ensure the skimmer-weir assembly is free of any build-up of dirt and debris that may cause air to enter the pool's circulation system.

Leaky strainer basket.

If your strainer basket is leaking water, you may also experience priming issues. First, remove your strainer basket cover to expose the gasket then carefully remove the gasket and inspect it for wear and tear that may lead to leaking. If the gasket is overly worn, replacing it may help fix the priming problems. 

Pump motor problems.

Some of the priming failures are as a result of a malfunction with the pump motor. With the help of a professional, ensure the shaft is free, the capacitors are properly working and the power board is not defective.

If you have a problem with your pool pump priming, undertaking the above remedies should help you get your pump working efficiently. Otherwise, contact a professional plumber to help you with any pool pumps.

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