An Inspection Checklist for Your Water Tank

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An Inspection Checklist for Your Water Tank

 Many homes have elevated water tanks to ensure that the water keeps flowing at an appropriate pressure throughout the house. It is essential for any prospective homebuyer to inspect the tank and its related systems to rule out any serious problems. Below are some of the things a plumber undertaking the inspection exercise should cover.

Overflow or leakage

The plumber should look at the water tank of the home you intend to buy. Does the tank show any signs of overflowing or leaking? The signs may include wet spots on one side of the tank. Mould on the exterior surface of the tank may also indicate leakage problems. Such leakage or overflow issues may point to a potential defect in the operations of the tank. Conduct a thorough investigation to identify what could be causing the problem and determine the cost of the repairs. For example, the overflow valve may be broken. 


The plumber should also watch out for signs of corrosion on the different components of the water storage tank. For example, is the shut-off valve rusty? Is the surface of the metal pipes deformed due to corrosion? Extensive corrosion can put the tank at the risk of failing. Insist that the seller rectifies the corrosion problems before you make the purchase.

Tank supports

Some water tanks are placed on independent supports. Others may be placed on the roof of the home. Check the supports on the water tank to ensure that they are in good condition. The tank should not be leaning on any side. The supports should also feel firm to the touch. Make sure the supports are fixed in case they are wobbly or damaged.

Data card

Each water storage tank should have a board or card onto which maintenance and cleaning information is displayed. For example, you should be able to tell how many times the tank has been cleaned in the past few years by looking at the data card. Request this information in case it is not displayed on the tank itself. You will then be able to know how much maintenance work will be needed as soon as you take possession of the home.

You will not have any unpleasant surprises connected to the water tank if you get a plumber to conduct these checks. A professional will give you a report that will enable you to make an informed decision about your intention to buy the house.

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