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Commonly Asked Questions About Plumbing Problems in the Home

When you have plumbing problems in the home, it's usually best to call plumbers to handle needed repair work, even if that job seems somewhat simple. This is because many plumbing problems appear to be simple fixes but are actually more technical and complicated than you realize, and poor-quality repairs can result in more expensive plumbing emergencies down the road. However, you might note a few tips and answers to commonly asked questions when it comes to plumbing problems, and this can ensure you avoid as many plumbing disasters as possible.

Why do drain pipes under the sink slide out of place?

Drain pipes might slide around when you mix up materials, meaning that you use a PVC connector on metal pipes, or vice versa, or connect a PVC pipe to a metal one. Mixing materials like this can cause corrosion that lets the pipes slide around rather than stay in place. Also, when you attach pipes, you need to ensure you slide the smaller end of one pipe as far as possible down the opening of the larger pipe before clamping it into place, or it may easily slide around once it gets hit by any amount of water pressure.

If a tub drain is always clogged, should it be snaked out?

There are many reasons for clogged drains in a home, and a snake isn't always the best option for clearing them. Removing the entire tub stopper at the top of the drain can allow you to pull out hair and soap scum or other debris that might be caught in the drain, as an example. A plumber can also use a sound blast to force clogged material through a pipe, and this can be safer than a snake. Damaged pipes can also get clogged, and may need to be replaced altogether.

If there are water leaks around the tub, does it need to be replaced?

Water leaks can be caused by a number of problems, and some might be related to the bathroom flooring, not the tub itself; new tile along with fresh grout can stop those leaks. In the shower area, the same might be true; it may be the grout around the tile that is faulty and needs replacing, not the tub itself. There are even coverings that get sprayed over the tile and grout and which provide a waterproof seal over cracks in the tile and grout. These can help stop those leaks, without the tub or the tile being replaced.

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