Three Types of Proof You've Got Trouble With Your Roof -- And How to Fix It!

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Three Types of Proof You've Got Trouble With Your Roof -- And How to Fix It!

No matter how lovely your home may be, it's susceptible to roof problems -- just as every other building in Australia is. Whilst the following problems can significantly shorten the life of your roof, you can avoid them if you know what to watch out for. Here are the top three reasons that Australian homeowners have roof trouble today -- and what you can do about them. 

Scorching Sun

Sun exposure can cause some serious problems with not only your skin but also with your home's skin -- the roof. It's quite common for roofing materials to blister or split, especially in the hot and dry summers here in Australia. This leaves the interior part of the roof, and eventually the inside of your home, exposed to the elements.

What You Can Do: Whilst sun exposure can eventually cause serious damage to ordinary roofing materials, you can now opt for specialised materials that have built-in UV protection for extra roof life. Ask your roofing specialist about a specialised UV coating if it's not time to replace the roof just yet.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Rain can cause some serious problems for the roof, which means that roof plumbing is just as important as interior plumbing. The roof can develop water leaks, leading to damage throughout your home. Over time, the roof can become greatly weakened or can even eventually buckle completely due to the weight of standing water.

What You Can Do: The best way to avoid roof problems due to rainfall is to have your roof drains checked regularly by a roof repair provider who has experienced with roof plumbing. Your roof repair expert can repair leaks to keep the roof healthy as well as removing water from the drains to keep the roof clean. 

The Dreaded Debris

Debris can accumulate more quickly than you'd imagine -- especially during high winds. In windy conditions, tree branches and other random debris can easily get lodged atop your roof, never to leave again (at least until it's manually removed.) When the winds are especially fierce, the corners of your roof can even be pulled away, creating an opportunity for debris to get lodged below the upper roof layers. All of this can lead to serious roof damage, or even to an over-weighted roof that's susceptible to collapse.

What You Can Do: Schedule roof inspections at least once a year to ensure that serious debris problems are remedied. If there's a serious storm in your area, ask your roofing expert to perform an extra check just to be on the safe side. 

Ready to Right Your Roof?

If you're dealing with sun, water or debris damage, don't hesitate to get the help needed now. Contact your local roof repair expert to set your home right today!

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