High Efficiency Plumbing Supplies to Incorporate Into Your Bathroom Design

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High Efficiency Plumbing Supplies to Incorporate Into Your Bathroom Design

When your indoor plumbing begins not just to pour water but also exorbitant amounts of money down the drain, it would be time to consider redesigning your bathroom. Technological advancements have brought about a wide assortment of hardware that you could utilise to ensure high efficiency in your bathroom, which subsequently benefits you regarding water conservation and cost savings. However, not many people may be aware of what types of fixtures they could switch out to enhance water efficiency in their home. Below are some of the high-efficiency plumbing supplies to incorporate into your bathroom design.

Low-flow lavatories

Undoubtedly, one of the plumbing supplies that consume the most water in your home is the toilet. Every single flush of the toilet eliminates several litres of water, which significantly contributes to your household's water consumption. Thus, a great place to start when it comes to high efficient bathroom design would be by switching out your toilets for low-flow alternatives.

Low-flow toilets are characterised by having a dual flush feature. This feature gives you the flexibility to indicate whether you are eliminating liquid waste or solid waste, and the commode will discern the water capacity required to dispose of the waste. In the long term, you see your water-related bills reducing as you would not be consuming the same amount of water when flushing the toilet.

High-efficiency showerheads

Taking a shower may be the fastest way to get clean when compared to soaking in a bath, but you may not be aware that showers can also waste a lot of water in your household. Conventional showerheads that do not have any water efficiency features can use up several litres of water at a go and increase your utility costs. High-efficiency showerheads, on the other hand, function to decrease the volume of water, but you would not have to suffer through reduced pressure too.

Water-efficient faucets

Another big concern of water in your household is your faucets. Older faucets have a propensity of releasing high volumes of water at high pressure. In addition to this, if your home is fitted with older faucets, there is a high likelihood that they would be prone to leaks, which would also contribute to an increase in your water consumption. For starters, water efficient faucets are fitted with aerators that will retain pressure without having to increase the volume of water that you use. Secondly, the water-efficient faucets would also have a lower flow rate, which translates into decreased consumption. When installing water-efficient faucets, you should also consider installing them in the kitchen for enhanced conservation.

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