Landlords: A Guide to Keeping Your Drains Clear

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Landlords: A Guide to Keeping Your Drains Clear

As a landlord, you will be used to dealing with the multitude of problems which can occur in the properties that you rent out to people. One common problem many landlords face is dealing with blocked drains. Thankfully, when it comes to plumbing problems, there are a number of steps you can take which will help to prevent problems such as blocked drains before they occur.

Show new tenants that the drains work

When new people move into your rental property, you should lead them to the rooms which have sinks and bathroom fittings so you can demonstrate that the drains are clear and that the water runs down them. At this point, you should explain that they will be held responsible if the drains become blocked.

Set out clear guidelines for your tenants

Problems with drains are often a result of tenants who did not follow proper sink hygiene rules. When taking on a new tenant, you should explicitly state that they should not pour hot oil down the sink and they should not place condoms or sanitary towels down the toilet.

Carry out drain inspections when a tenant moves out

When a tenant moves out, you should call in a plumber and ask them to inspect the drains. If the drains are blocked and need cleaning, you can deduct this cost from the security deposit paid by the tenant when they moved in. 

Install drain covers

If you visit your local plumbing hardware shop, you can pick up a set of drain covers. A drain cover is a piece of metal which fit perfectly over the top of the hole in a sink, bath or shower. The metal has tiny holes in it which allows water to flow through but which captures hair and other debris which may cause a drain to become blocked.

Retain the services of a professional plumbing service

As a landlord who owns multiple properties, you should make it your aim to cultivate good relations with a local plumbing service. When you have found a plumbing service you can rely on, you should retain their services. This may involve paying a small fee, but it will mean that you will have a plumber on call whenever you need one.

If you are interested in finding out more about the steps you can take to keep the drains of your rental property clear, contact your local plumbing service today.

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