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4 Reasons to Clean Drains With Water Jetting Instead of a Plumbers Snake

If you've found that your drains seem to be draining a little slower than they used to, it's probably because debris and gunk have built up somewhere within. This is a problem you should take care of as soon as possible to prevent total blockages and possible pipe damage in the future, and there are a number of ways this can be done.

It used to be that snaking was the best approach. This simply involves feeding a flexible auger down the drain to push through any blockages and rub away anything on the walls of the pipe. However, you should really look into having your pipes jet cleaned instead – this involves inserting a high-pressure hose into the drain and then blasting down water.

Here are just four reasons why water jetting is better than snaking.

1. It's More Effective 

While a plumbers snake will get rid of some of the gunk and debris that's starting to clog your drain, it won't get rid of all of it. Water jetting is far more effective because it will blast away any residue left on the walls. Snaking leaves most of that residue, which then starts to build up again and lead to more clogs.

2. It's Faster

You really need this problem handled as quickly as possible, even if it's just so you can get back to your regular routine. High-pressure water cleaning might be extremely effective, but that doesn't mean it's a drawn-out process. While attempting to get rid of minor blockages and residue with a plumbers snake takes quite a long time, water jetting gets the job done extremely quickly.

3. It's More Sanitary

Here's something you don't want to think about: when a plumber pulls the snake back up, bits of residue and debris are going to come up with it. There won't be much, and the plumber should leave the drain and its room looking fine, but using a snake does increase the risk of coming into contact with nasty debris and potentially sewage. A water jet system is largely self-cleaning, and it doesn't normally need to go down as deep or even hit the walls of the pipe itself. 

4. It's Less Damaging

A professional plumber will be work a plumbers snake to cause the least amount of damage possible, but you can still create a few bumps when you're essentially trying to bash and scrub dirt and residue away. Water from a jet might be strong enough to get rid of blockages, but it isn't going to do any damage to your pipes.

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