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Why Stainless Steel Is Ideal for Use in Restaurant Drainage Systems

Are you thinking of installing a new drainage system in your restaurant? You should seriously consider installing a stainless steel system rather than opting for other materials, such as PVC or fibreglass.

Although stainless steel is more expensive, it is more than worth the extra expense, especially when you consider its many advantages.

Stainless Steel Looks Better

A common approach that modern restaurants employ is to integrate their stainless steel piping into their restaurant design. Unlike other materials, stainless steel is pleasing to the eye and is suitable for restaurants that have chosen to open up their dining room space. PVC or fibreglass piping, on the other hand, is not something customers want to see above their heads. However, because stainless steel is chic and corrosion-resistant, it adds a touch of style and elegance that is long-lasting.

Stainless Steel Drainage Takes up Less Space

There is often limited space in restaurants, as obviously most space is taken up by the dining area and kitchen. When space is limited, stainless steel is the best choice for drainage. This is because stainless steel is both light and durable.

Moreover, through clever use of stainless steel press fittings, you can create more space for your drainage. You could even extend it into the dining area above the diners to give your restaurant a touch of style while improving your restaurant's drainage.

Stainless Steel Drainage Is Hygienic

A busy restaurant relies on its kitchen to function. As a result, it is important for your kitchen's drains to be as functional and hygienic as possible. Since stainless steel can withstand a high flow rate, it is ideal for restaurant kitchens that see a lot of action. Even when under great pressure each day, a stainless steel drainage system won't buckle.

Moreover, stainless steel is also uniquely smooth. This means that it is more resistant to blockages caused by debris buildups, as most wastewater travels easily over its smooth surface. This beneficial feature will help your kitchen staff to keep the drains clean and free of bacteria-laden blockages.

Stainless Steel Drainage Is Green

Nowadays, people are becoming more aware of the environment and the damage being done to it. You should factor this into your plans when designing your restaurant drainage system. One of the most environmentally friendly materials available for drainage is stainless steel. Did you know that stainless steel is comprised of 60% recycled material, such as reclaimed scrap?

Stainless steel is also completely non-toxic. Subsequently, should stainless steel find its way into a landfill, it won't damage the soil or the surrounding environment. This feature could be useful if your restaurant is one that promotes health and environmental awareness. It would show your customers that you practice what you preach in terms of helping the environment.

You Can Customize Stainless Steel Drains

Although not pivotal to the success of your restaurant, the ability to customize the patterns on your stainless steel drains may increase the appeal of your brand. For example, you can add your brand logo or a brand message to the surface of the stainless steel drains in your restaurant toilets.

Even when your customers go to the toilet then, they are exposed to your brand. This will help your customers to remember you the next time they feel like going out for a meal. It will also ensure that your restaurant's name is on the tip of their tongue the next time they recommend a restaurant to their friend!

If you are currently in the process of designing the drainage system for your restaurant, don't overlook the many positives offered by stainless steel. For more information, get in touch with a company such as Hydro Construction Products.

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