Top Tips When Hiring an Emergency Plumber

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Top Tips When Hiring an Emergency Plumber

What would you do if your toilet began to overflow at night? Well, without an emergency plumber, you would have to deal with the stench till morning. So, how do you hire an emergency plumber? Below are a few considerations to make. 


Ask friends and family to refer you to reputable plumbers in your locality. Alternatively, you could conduct some research on social media or independent websites to determine the reputation of various plumbers in your area. Further, the plumber should be experienced and licenced to practice in your locality.


Below are tips to help you evaluate the plumber's professionalism:

  • A plumber with a public liability cover has your interests at heart.
  • Plumbers with membership to professional associations observe a strict code of conduct.
  • The plumber should be quick to respond to your inquiries.
  • The plumber must observe safety as he or she conducts repairs. He or she should have protective gear such as boots, an overall, gloves and a safety harness when working on the roof

Services Provided 

Plumbing emergencies could range from a leaking pipe to a water heater malfunction. Work with a plumber that can handle all your plumbing needs without engaging a sub-contractor. Some plumbers also sell plumbing equipment such as hoses, taps, valves and backflow preventers. You will be at an advantage if your plumber has this equipment during an emergency since shops may be closed at night.

Response Time

Avoid plumbers that take too long to respond to your plumbing emergencies. If the plumber is far from your home, he or she should explain what you can do to alleviate the situation. For instance, you should shut off the water supply in case you have a leaking or burst pipe. A plunger would help unclog a shower drain or clogged toilet. 

Individual versus Company

Some plumbing companies provide emergency services. The main benefit of a company is that they have many plumbers to respond to your emergency. On the other hand, you may not benefit from personalised services that you may get from a plumber that works independently. 


Although emergency services may be a bit expensive, your plumber's pricing must be within industry rates. The plumber should provide a quote after evaluating the scope of works. Some professionals have a fixed pricing mechanism. It is preferable compared to those that have a lot of extra and hidden costs.

An emergency plumber is vital for all homeowners. Your primary considerations when choosing an emergency plumber should be the plumber's reputation, professionalism, services provided, response time and the costs involved.

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