Replacing Your Shower Drains? Why You Should Consider Linear Models

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Replacing Your Shower Drains? Why You Should Consider Linear Models

Traditionally, homeowners had to contend with centre drains that created a busy look in their bathrooms. If you are updating your shower area, you can embrace the stylish and minimalistic linear shower drains to design a more streamlined bathroom.

Linear drains, also called trough or trench drains, have been used in Australia for decades, but they have become quite popular recently in residential projects, thanks to the following features:

Stylish and Streamlined Design

Linear drains are slim and sleek, and they blend seamlessly with different shower floor surfaces. Most linear drains come in grated or tile insert, both of which will suit contemporary bathroom interiors.

If you desire a seamless and streamlined finish in your shower recess, you can use tile insert linear drains. A plumber can install the drain without interrupting the tiling on the bathroom floor and even create the illusion of water vanishing into the floor. You can choose different styles for grated linear drains, including waves and rectangle openings.


Linear shower drainage will also help you keep your floor's design intact. Unlike traditional central drains, which required four-sided slopes for effective drainage, linear drains only need one downward slope.

You can use linear drains with larger-format tiles without making the ugly cuts that would be made with traditional shower drains. A plumber's experienced eye will help you use linear shower drainage to design your dream bathroom.  

Complement Kerbless Showers

If you have a kerbless shower, you undoubtedly want drains that will not interfere with the contemporary and clean appeal. These showers are especially perfect for smaller bathrooms where you need to maximise the functionality of the space. Linear shower drainage will complement a kerbless shower perfectly as they provide excellent drainage for the shower recess.

Linear drains will also make it easy for people with mobility issues to enter and exit kerbless showers. They drain water quickly and leave the bathroom floor safer for individuals who use wheelchairs or walking aids.

Easy to Clean

No kerb is required with linear drains, and there are fewer grout lines and corners to clean. A seasoned plumber will install a drain with a removable debris basket to collect items that can cause blockage like hair. You can easily remove the grate, empty the basket and clean the drain with soapy water.


Falls are a significant health issue in Australia, with about 30% of people over 65 experiencing reporting at least one fall every year. To minimise the risk, it is advisable to eliminate tripping hazards in your home. Linear shower drainage will reduce the unevenness of your bathroom floor since it blends seamlessly with the surface. 

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