3 Major Causes of Drain Blockages and How an Experienced Plumber Can Assist You

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3 Major Causes of Drain Blockages and How an Experienced Plumber Can Assist You

Drain blockages are common in modern houses, and they may be overly disruptive and messy. One of the warning signs of a blocked drain is a toilet overflow. Also, if the water in your sinks seems to drain slower than usual, there could be a blockage down the drain. When you see a sign of a clogged drain, it is advisable to get it repaired by an experienced plumber. Neglecting it may cause more devastating consequences, including burst sewer and pipes overflow.

When your drainage system gets blocked, you will want to find out the cause of the clogging. Typically, blocked drains occur when foreign items get stuck in the pipelines. These items may prevent water from flowing through the pipes, leading to a host of other plumbing issues. Continue reading and discover three things that contribute to drain blockages and how an experienced plumber can assist you.

Kitchen Refuse and Bathroom Products

One of the major causes of drain clogging in homes is kitchen refuse. It could be due to accumulated food scraps that penetrate the kitchen sink when cleaning your dishes. Cooking grease is also a major culprit when it comes to kitchen sink blockage. When the grease cools and hardens, it may clog the pipes and impede water passage. In the bathroom, several factors may lead to clogging. For instance, human hair and animal fur can quickly pile up and block your drains. Other items that may block your bathroom drains include personal care items such as tissue paper, sanitary towels, and makeup wipes. When these products get lodged in your drains, you should call an experienced plumber to have the drains cleared.

Plant Roots and Leaves

In most cases, drain pipes extend to the earth below the floor of your property. That means they will traverse plant rooting regions. Strong tree roots can punch the drain pipes and even penetrate the drains if left unchecked. When this happens, you should contact a reliable plumber to remove the roots and replace the broken pipes in the case of root damage.

Defective Installation of the Drainage System

Not all blocked drains are brought about by the lodging of foreign items. In some cases, your pipes can block due to poor workmanship. For instance, using small-sized pipes for a large home can be a cause of frequent drain blockages. Additionally, fixing the pipes incorrectly might cause defects that may contribute to clogging. To avoid this, seek professional advice from an experienced plumber when buying plumbing fittings.

Knowing what can cause your drains to blocks is crucial as it will help you take the necessary preventative steps. When you suspect blocked drains in your home, contact a plumber immediately to prevent the situation from escalating.

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