Two Tips to Follow if You Ever Have a Plumbing Emergency in Your Dog Grooming Studio

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Two Tips to Follow if You Ever Have a Plumbing Emergency in Your Dog Grooming Studio

If you ever have a plumbing emergency in your dog grooming studio, here are some tips you should follow.

Don't wait until after you've finished grooming a dog to phone an emergency plumber

If you happen to be in the middle of rinsing the shampoo out of a dog's fur when, for example, you notice water leaking from a nearby pipe at quite a rapid pace, you might be tempted to quickly finish grooming that dog before you reach out to an emergency plumber.

However, whilst that dog's owner might be a bit bemused to find their dog's fur half-washed when they pick them up, it is still best to postpone the completion of this dog-grooming session and get a plumber to seal up the pipe right away. Whilst it might only take you, for example, another 20 minutes to finish rinsing and drying the dog's coat, and another 10 minutes to call and have the emergency plumber reach your studio, your studio could be very badly damaged during this seemingly short interval.

For example, if during that period, you throw a few towels onto the floor beneath the pipe, in the hopes that these will soak some of it up and buy you some time whilst you finish the dog grooming session, you might find, when you return to this area, that the water has seeped past these towels, through the flooring and down into the cellar, foundation or room below that floor. The damage to the floor system, foundation's concrete or ceiling under that floor could take weeks to fix. During this time, the presence of the contractors might mean you wouldn't have the full use of your studio and cannot accept as many clients as you usually would during this time period.

As such, you must tackle this emergency quickly in order to protect your studio and business.

Deep-clean the studio after the emergency plumber is finished

As soon as the emergency plumber is finished, and before you let any other dogs into the studio, you should deep clean it. If it was a drainage pipe that leaked, then you should apply disinfectant to every surface it soaked through or splattered onto, rather than just mopping these areas.

Water that comes out of this type of pipe will be riddled with pathogens. If the dogs who come into your studio lick any of these contaminated surfaces or lay on them whilst they have any grazes on their skin, the pathogens in this water could make them ill or give them infections. Given this, you should ensure that all of these areas are disinfected before you start accepting any bookings.

If you have a plumbing emergency in your studio, you need to call an emergency plumber to repair the damage and protect your facility.

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