Where Plumbers Turn for Help with Underground Water Leaks

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Where Plumbers Turn for Help with Underground Water Leaks

As a busy plumber, you will want to make sure that you can make the most of each day and finish each job in an efficient way. Many of your jobs will be relatively straightforward, and you won't need to worry too much about diagnostics. However, some jobs could leave you scratching your head — especially if they involve a water leak that is somewhere out of sight. In this situation, you could end up spending half a day at the property and still not come to a conclusion. If this happens, you should bring in the cavalry and some sophisticated digital leak detection equipment.

Subterranean Problems

Whenever utility pipes are laid underground, they are vulnerable to nature. Shifts in the earth or an adjustment of the water table can put them under strain. Periods of prolonged drought or excessive rainfall can also be a problem. It's little wonder, therefore, that some of these pipes may separate or split, which can easily lead to a sizeable water leak.

Manual Labour

Before modern diagnostic equipment was available, this type of problem would have called for a lot of excavation. In some cases, you might have had to dig up the entire area between the boundary of the property and the building itself simply to find the location of the leak. Alternatively, you may have been lucky and come across a few clues to show you that there was some excessive water beneath the surface. Otherwise, these leak problems could cost you a lot of time.

Digital Detection System

A tiny camera can be sent down the pipe from the property with a digital leak detection system. This camera will be equipped with a powerful light, which can illuminate the pipe as the camera enters the cavern. Once the camera reaches the problem area, its exact location can be sent back to the station above ground. You will then be able to determine where the leak is with great accuracy so you can begin working on a repair as soon as possible.

Perfect End Result

Just imagine how much time this type of system could save with the associated costs. You will also have a happy property owner on your side who will marvel at the sophistication of the gear and be very satisfied with the end result.

Getting Ready

Contact a leak detection service for further information. You can then work with the contractor at the first signs of trouble and have another tool in your box when it comes to providing first-class plumbing services.

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